Land dynamics

Leaders pledged land tenure security for customary

The newly elected mayors of Gulu city have pledged protect tenure security of the local inhabitants. Gulu was elevated into city status last year in July that raised anxiety among the land lords using customary tenure.

Otim Geoffrey the division chairperson of laroo-pece says no one shall maliciously take the land of the wana inchi. Meanwhile oola Patrick Lumumba is planning to allocate some money in next financial year budget to aid community have customary land registered,

City mayor Alfred Okwonga is looking at community sensitization on tenure security, The Customary land tenure system is described in Section 4 of The Land Act 1998 as a form of land tenure applicable to a specific area, land, description of persons governed by rules accepted as binding to the class of people to which it applies

Dr. Juma Anthony Okuku a senior lecturer at Makerere university in 2006 says customary tenure as the dominant form of land holding in Uganda with exception of land falling in urban areas, he also added that land tenure can either impede or facilitate positive socio-economic change in a given economy.

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